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Welcome to the new TrackMyMail website!

Mailers today have quite a few options and a lot of questions about what's best for them. Our new website is designed with that in mind. You'll find detailed information about Intelligent Mail® solutions, including IMB Tracing™ and Address Change Service (ACS®). We've included information on solutions used by specific industries as well as a section for printers and mailers who wish to add value by offering these services as a reseller. It's all the information you'd expect from the experts in mail tracking!

The Login box has been moved!

To access your account, please enter your current User ID and Password.


A new Mailer ID 898504 is being used on the Trackmymail website.

If you have "hard-coded" Mailer ID 000956 in your systems or software, you must change your Mailer ID to 898504 for any NEWLY created jobs. Previously ordered jobs should be processed using the Mailer ID assigned. Please confirm that you are using the Mailer ID as assigned in your job confirmation. We strongly recommend that you send an image of a sample barcode to TMMCustomerService@pb.com for verification.
Be advised, if you use a different Mailer ID than what is assigned in your job, we will be unable to provide scan data for your mailing, nor will we be able to correct the MID used.
Contact TrackMyMail if you are not entirely certain about the elements in your IM™BC.
If you create jobs via FTP or are a Full Service Client AND have registered your Mailer ID through TrackMyMail, you are not affected by this change. Only jobs created using the website user interface are affected.